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The Course of Gymnasium‘s History

In written sources Viduklė school was mentioned 510 years ago for the first time.
115 years ago a public primary school was established.
In 1953 the first class of graduates finished the school.
In 1989 Viduklė Secondary School was given the name of writer Simonas Stanevičius.
15 years ago the school was granted the status of a gymnasium.

Vision and Priorities

Raseiniai district Viduklė Simonas Stanevičius Gymnasium  - the place were welfare is ensured.

The priorities of gymnasium:
high-quality education;
modern educational environment.

The Culture of Gymnasium

 create hospitable environment;
 care about the well-being of our community;
 share the leadership;
promote cooperation among our teachers;
 maintain traditions and create the new ones;
our gymnasium cooperates with other institutions.

The Educational Programmes

Pre-school education
Pre-primary education
Primary education (personalised primary education program)
Lower secondary education (personalised lower secondary education program)
 Upper secondary education

The Community of Gymnasium

In our gymnasium there are:
494 pupils;
60 teachers;
99 workers totally;
1 headteacher, 3 deputy directors of education, 1 deputy director for general, economic and administrative affairs;
educational assistance is provided by: special pedagogue, speech therapists, social pedagogue, 14 teachers‘ assistants.

Digital Equipment

The majority of school work-places are computerised.
Currently, in more than 30 per cent of classrooms interactive boards and screens are installed.
In some classrooms there is equipment for hybrid teaching.
High-quality Wi-Fi is available in all gymnasium.
The gymnasium is prepared for all types of teaching: traditional, distant and hybrid.

  • Elektroninis dienynas
  • Tėvams
  • Mokiniams
  • Mokytojams
Pamokų laikas
  • 1. 08.00 – 08.45
  • 2. 08.55 – 09.40
  • 3. 09.50 – 10.35
  • 4. 10.45 – 11.30
  • 5. 12.10 – 12.55
  • 6. 13.05 – 13.50
  • 7. 14.00 – 14.45
  • 8. 14.55 – 15.40
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