Erasmus + project „Perform Tolerance“ in Istanbul, Turkey

Last month Vidukles Simonas Stanevicius Gymnasium‘s teacher (Rūta Jegnoraitė – Juškienė) and five students (Ieva Šlinkšytė, Karolina Baltrušaitytė, Martynas Baukys, Simas Kačiušis and Eglė Šlinkšytė) participated in Erasmus + project „Perform Tolerance“ in Istanbul, Turkey. There were 60 participans from 6 different countries including Denmark, United Kingdom, Hungary, Czech Republic, Turkey and Lithuania.

We spent more than a week talking about tolerance in other countries. We discused people‘s cultural differences and how they affect our point of view. There were many workshops, games and  group projects that made us think about the people more instead of judging them in an instant. We got to talk to many people from different cultures and to find out about everyday life in their countries. Later in the project we got a chance to explore the city of Istanbul. That experience was simply breathtaking. I believe that this project has changed our minds and once we got home we were better human beings than ever before. 

Like every project this one had to end too. The last day everyone was really emotional and nobody wanted to say goodbye. And even though we‘ve been back in Vidukle for just a week  I already miss my friends from the project. I hope we‘ll meet again.

Eglė Šlinkšytė


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